$666,534.11 Judgment in Favor of Water District against Subdivision Developers

Source: Montana Law Week

WATER EASEMENT TRESPASS/NUISANCE: $622,196.56 damages, $29,991 attorney fees, $14,346.55 costs to Water District against subdivision developers for failure to build retaining wall to prevent erosion of earth protecting water & sewer lines consequently requiring new water line to town… $278,521.81 damages to homeowners… Cybulski.
Max & Sue Berg own Fort Yellowstone subdivision in Gardiner. Max Berg owned Berg Excavation for 25 years and has experience building subdivisions, water lines, sewer lines, roads, and retaining walls. Bergs applied in 1992 for the subdivision with water & sewer to be supplied by what is now known as Gardiner-Park Co. Water & Sewer Dist. The sewer line was an existing line serving Gardiner and Mammoth, but a water line extension needed to be constructed by Bergs to serve the subdivision. The DEQ-approved plans provided that a water line would be on a steep slope between Hwy 89 and the Yellowstone River. A road would be built between the water line and river to provide access to condos along the river. A retaining wall was to be built between the road cut and water line to stabilize the slope. Max Berg installed the water line and road in 1995, but did not install a retaining wall. A year after activating the water line, the Water Dist. noticed that he had punched in a road under the line. The Manager explained that the road “destabilized the slope. The main was essentially along a cliff face.” Despite this, Bergs did not install a retaining wall. Bergs sued Gaston Engineering in 1999 alleging negligence in locating the water line and road below it which resulted in Bergs being “forced to import and place fill as well as build a retaining wall.” Bergs and Gaston settled in 11/00. Great West Engineering warned in 5/07 that the water line was in jeopardy of rupturing because of erosion due to lack of a retaining wall. The District advised Bergs that it planned to disconnect the line and install a new one in the highway right of way. DEQ issued Bergs a violation letter in 3/08 for failure to construct the retaining wall, followed by multiple communications. In 4/08 Bergs advised that they had retained an engineer to design & install gabion basket walls instead of a retaining wall. DEQ approved the substitution. As of 7/09, the gabion baskets had not been installed. DEQ issued a notice of revocation to Bergs pertaining to the subdivision in 10/09 for failure to install the retaining wall. Bergs appealed. Board of Environmental Review affirmed the revocation. Bergs sued the Water Dist. in 12/08 for inverse condemnation, trespass, and quiet title. The District counterclaimed alleging trespass and nuisance and requesting injunctive and declarative relief. The District requests summary judgment.
Bergs trespassed on the District’s easements by causing erosion of the earth cover below the water & sewer lines resulting in no longer having the cover required by its easements. The trespasses also include Berg performing excavation work within the easement areas without permission and leaving boulders on the sewer line easement. The trespass is continuing by virtue of the continued erosion.

Bergs’ conduct that caused erosion of the earth supporting the lines amounts to a public nuisance. The eroding condition of the slope continues to be “injurious to health” “so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life.” §27-30-101(1). The Gardiner community was “affected” by the eroding condition and installation of a new water line at a cost of $100,000. At the very least, a “neighborhood” of Gardiner was “affected” in that the line installed by Bergs had to be abandoned and a new line installed in the highway right of way. The ongoing threat to the existing sewer line and abandoned water line continues to “affect” at the very least a “neighborhood” of Gardiner. Subdivision lot owners McInerney and Hoffers previously sued Bergs for failing to install a retaining wall resulting in inability to build on any properties. The Court granted summary judgment for them. Bergs created a private nuisance to the Water District by diminishing and damaging its rights to the water and sewer lines. Judgment for the Water Dist. is granted on its public and private nuisance claims.

Bergs are enjoined from causing further erosion below the water and sewer lines. The District is granted access to the Ft. Yellowstone property to inspect and maintain its lines and remediate the erosion.

Following a damages hearing, the Court awarded the Water Dist. $622,196.56 against Bergs, $29,991 attorney fees, and $14,346.55 costs, with interest at 10%.
McInerney and Hoffers were awarded $278,521.81 damages against Bergs, and the District recovered $912.50 costs against McInerney and Hoffers.

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