City of Bozeman Offers Settlement in Stun Gun Lawsuit

Source: The Associated Press

The city of Bozeman has offered a $150,000 settlement in a federal lawsuit that alleges police used excessive force when they shocked a man with a stun gun during a 2007 welfare check.

Officers said Jesse Soheil Verdi was naked and intoxicated and attacked them, leading one of them to shock him with the stun gun. Verdi’s 2009 lawsuit said he fell and hit his head and has had to undergo three brain surgeries.

The settlement must be approved in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Utah. Verdi filed for bankruptcy in Utah, but didn’t include the lawsuit as an asset. The bankruptcy trustee replaced Verdi as plaintiff.

City attorney Greg Sullivan says the settlement is a business decision. The payment would be covered by the city’s insurance pool.