Sexual Harassment/Retaliation Lawsuit

Shea Law represented an employee who was sexually harassed by her employer and then fired after complaining about it.   The Court found that the employer had fired the employee in retaliation for filing a complaint with the Montana Human Rights Bureau. Below is an excerpt of the ruling from Montana Law Week.

“[The Court] find[s] it disingenuous for [the employer] to claim it had no knowledge of [the employee’s] allegations [of sexual harassment] until the issue came up at her appraisal. Clearly [the employer] had knowledge of her complaint prior to the 11/10/11 meeting. The appraisal itself makes very clear that [the employer] was angry with her allegations and his assessment of her performance was scathing at best. There is reasonable cause to believe that illegal discrimination occurred.”  Montana Law Week, 12/1/12

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